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Football clinic with Luis Garcia

On Saturday 30th September, we participated in a football clinic with Luis Garcia (former Liverpool FC player)

Luis Garcia provided valuable insights into both the technical aspects of the game and the importance of teamwork and awareness.

Highlights of his coaching points included:

Simplicity: Emphasizing the importance of playing with 1-2 touches as much as possible to keep the game fast-paced and prevent opponents from closing down space.

Body Positioning: Advising players to open their hips when receiving the ball gives them passing options on both their right and left sides.

Teamwork: Reminding everyone that, regardless of individual talent, success in football comes from playing as a team and leveraging each player's skills and talents collectively.

Expanding the Field: Encouraging players to spread out and make the field as large as possible when in possession. This forces opponents to cover more ground to close down space and regain control of the ball.

Constant Scanning: Stressing the importance of using your eyes to continuously assess the situation on the field. This helps players stay aware of the positions of their teammates and opponents.

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