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How can young players EMPOWER themselves?

It is only when you take responsibility for your life that you discover how powerful you truly are. – Allanah Hunt

Young players can take responsibility for their development by asking their coach these 2 questions at the end of practice/matches:

1. "What did I do well today?"

This question emphasizes positivity and self-reflection. By asking this, young players are not only seeking praise but also recognizing their strengths and achievements. The benefits of this question include:

- Validation: Players feel valued, appreciated, and seen when their efforts are acknowledged, boosting their self-worth.

- Motivation: Recognizing what they did well can inspire players to continue working on those aspects.

- Confidence: Positive reinforcement fosters self-assurance, which is crucial for handling criticism and pressure.

The coach's positive feedback helps players understand their strengths and reinforces their sense of self-worth.

2. "What part of my game do I need to focus on?"

This question directs attention to areas that require improvement, which is essential for growth. However, the key lies in the process that follows:

- Ask the question: It's important for players to proactively seek areas of improvement. This demonstrates their commitment to growth.

- Listen to understand: Listen with a open mind

- Take action: This step is where the real development occurs.

When these steps are followed, coupled with a foundation of healthy self-worth, players are more likely to experience incredible growth and development.

This approach not only benefits them as athletes but also prepares them for life's challenges and opportunities, teaching them the power of self-responsibility.

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