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Please save these important contact numbers in case you require any assistance:

Sagar - 0727839014

Edith - 0700059072


Please take note of the following:

1. To book a trial session, please call 0727839014.

2. It is mandatory for a parent or guardian to bring the child to the trial session and meet with the coach.

3. Once you're ready to start, please check the information below and register.


1. The new membership fee is Ksh. 4500, which includes a training kit.

2. Players are required to wear appropriate Diamond FC kit, shin pads, and boots.

3. All players must bring their own water.

4. After registering for a program, an invoice will be sent via email. Payment is due upon receipt, and payments are non-refundable.

5. If training is canceled due to rain, we will notify you by email 1 hour before the scheduled time. If possible, we may reschedule the training session. If 2 or more sessions are canceled per term, we will offer make-up sessions.

6. Basic care will be provided by Diamond Sports in case of injury. However, I release Diamond Sports Ltd from any responsibility for injury, loss, or damage that may occur during training or competitive experiences.

7. By participating in Diamond FC, I grant permission to Diamond Sports to use photos and videos of my child for marketing and commercial purposes.

8. I give my consent for my child to travel with Diamond FC for AWAY matches with Diamond FC staff supervising. The staff will be responsible for my child's safety and well-being. They can make decisions on behalf of my child in case of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances. This consent is valid while my child is a member of Diamond FC.

Registration: FAQ
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